Course Instructor 

The U.S. in Global Conflict and Cooperation, Fall 2023


Global Governance (web-based), Summer 2022


Teaching Assistant 

International Relations

International Security, Fall 2019, Spring 2024, [UT Austin]

Global Governance, Spring 2022 [UT Austin]

U.S. Foreign Policy, Fall 2018, Spring 2019 [UT Austin]

International Politics: State Behavior, Fall 2015, Fall 2016 [McGill]

International Politics of Economic Relations, Spring 2016 [McGill]

International Political Economy, Spring 2017 [McGill]

American and Comparative Politics 

U.S. Elections, Fall 2020 [UT Austin]

Mexican Politics, Spring 2020 [UT Austin]


Introduction to Formal Political Analysis (graduate-level), Spring 2021 [UT Austin]

Statistical Analysis for Political Science, Fall 2021 [UT Austin]