Peer-Reviewed Publications

[2] The Political Economy of Peacekeeping: Resource Substitution through International Brokerage (with Nazmus Sakib), Foreign Policy Analysis, 2023, 19(3).

[1] Military in the Cabinet and Defense Spending of Civilian Governments (with Nasmus Sakib), International Interactions, 2023, 49(3), 315-344.

Working Papers

Institutionalized Defense Cooperation and Regime Security [R&R, Journal of Conflict Resolution]

Walling off the Enemy: Border Barriers and Local Armed Uprisings [R&R, Security Studies]

Rising Powers’ Territorial Compromise [R&R, International Relations]

Third-Party Subcontracting for Security and Military Interventions in Authoritarian Politics [Under Review]

Reliability as Resolve: Reputational Transference in International Relations [In Preparation for Submission]

Compensation, Credibility, and Military Cooperation (with Scott Wolford and Nivedita Jhunjhunwala) [In Preparation for Submission

The Logic of Institutionalized Defense Cooperation between Rival States [In Preparation for Submission]

Selected Work in Progress 

The Ethnonationalist Advantage in Foreign Policy: Experimental Evidence from India

Military Insubordination and External Coercion (with Najmus Sakib)

Microfoundations of U.S. Signaling of Military Support to Allies: Experimental Evidence from Taiwan

New Leaders, State Visits and General Deterrence (with Yuji Masumura)