Peer-Reviewed Publications

[2] The Political Economy of Peacekeeping: Resource Substitution through International Brokerage (with Nazmus Sakib), 

Foreign Policy Analysis, 2023, 19(3).

[1] Military in the Cabinet and Defense Spending of Civilian Governments (with Nasmus Sakib), 

International Interactions, 2023, 49(3), 315-344.

Working Papers

Institutionalized Defense Cooperation and Regime Security [R&R, Journal of Conflict Resolution]

Rising Powers’ Territorial Compromise [R&R, International Relations]

Walling off the Enemy: Border Barriers and Local Armed Conflicts [Under Review]

Does Second-Order Reputation Matter in International Relations? [Under Review]

Third-Party Subcontracting for Security and Military Interventions in Authoritarian Politics [In Preparation for Submission]

Compensation, Credibility and Military Cooperation (with Scott Wolford) [In Preparation for Submission

Selected Work in Progress 

The Ethnonationalist Advantage in Foreign Policy: Experimental Evidence from India

The Politics of Side-Payments in Security Cooperation

The Logic of Institutionalized Defense Cooperation between Rival States

External Security Cooperation and Corruption in Dictators' Military Appointments

Microfoundations of U.S. Signaling of Military Support to Allies: Experimental Evidence from Taiwan